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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Famous Neighbors

I was at an event recently & someone approached me to tell me that they'd read online that Micky Dolenz, from The Monkees, (who was also attending the event) was my neighbor. I chatted with Micky & his wife & it turns out that we live a block away from each other & I walk the dogs past their house everyday. I live in LA, where it's pretty common to see celebs at your local Starbucks. Depending on a person's age, I either tell them that Alyssa Milano ( or Jamie Farr ( is my neighbor. The Kardashian girls & Lisa Rinna both have clothing stores at the local shopping center & Nikki Sixx's daughter is in my sons' class at school. When I see him daily, it's hard not to mention that I saw him in concert in 1983! Despite all this it not only surprises me that there's a list online of my famous neighbors, but also that I'M on the list!,_California


GaryB said...

Very interesting post Erin, I followed most of the links from your link, looks like a great place and so close to the LA action. Thanx for the info.
Saw your Myspace post on the Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling tickets. Does this mean that you’re making an appearance?
If so, I hope it’s not the taping scheduled on your birthday. That would be definitely be a birthday to remember!!

alex said...

Waou! you're lucky!!
my nearest famous neighbour lives in Paris... so about 200miles from where I live! My region isn't really popular in France! well at least for famous people because my region is famous now because of the film "bienvenue chez les ch'tis", have you heard about it? it sold more than 20.000.000 tickets! Will Smith bought the film for an american remake...
Well, all that to say that you're really lucky to have famous neighbours!

Brophtron said...

Wow, the most that I can say is that I live a mile or so from the guy who invented artificial snow! I'm sure there are local celebs who live a short distance from me, but certainly not that close.

jimmy said...

Hi Erin
This is my first blog to you.i heard u r training as a wrestler is it right are you that strong
just want to know do u know where is dick york wife and chidren