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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome To The Parker!

I'm one of a very few people who will openly admit that I really enjoy reality television. I also have a life-long love of the desert oasis known as Palm Springs. So, when my good friends at The Parker invited us to the screening party for their new Bravo series, how could I say no? The event was everything a screening should be: relaxed, fun & decidedly "hip". My favorite part about going to screenings is seeing how people in the show/ film react to seeing their friends / themselves on the big screen. They laugh, they cheer, or in the case of the Parker crew they collectively "boo" at a rather obnoxious food critic. We watched the show from a comfy, cushioned circular lounge chair right in front. Although they weren't serving my favorite Kobe Beef Sliders, I munched on my snacks of choice (Junior Mints & Reeses Pieces). We also got to see the second episode of the series, which I enjoyed even more than the first. Check out the show, it's fun to see the chaos that goes on behind the scenes at an upscale resort. By the way, only in Palm Springs will you attend a screening with the Mayor sitting cross legged on the floor in front of you!


Roberto Allende said...

I watched bits and pieces of that show. Yes, the food critic was a bit too much.

Glad you had fun.

alex said...

no more news? :(
I hope evrething's good for you!