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Thursday, June 14, 2007


I worked on a really fun project this week for / called Parentpedia. I'm sure you've all heard of Wikipedia, an online resource for information on just about anything (I'm even a category!). Well Parentpedia is an online resource for parents. One of the segments we shot involved me explaining that Parentpedia can help you with just about anything that family life can throw at you. This was illustrated by all sorts of things being "thrown at me". The script called for me to dodge a bowl of spaghetti & ends with me catching a soccer ball. Luckily it was decided that spaghetti wouldn't "read" well, so instead they threw a lamp at me. After a couple takes, the binky that had to bounce off my temple was replaced by a stuffed animal. You'd be surprised how much a pacifier can hurt when it hits you in the head. Parentpedia should be up and running in July. I'll keep you posted.


Mike Barer said...

I had a real crush on your TV Mom. Glad that things turned out well for you.

Mike Barer said...

PS, I put a little article on my blog about your's. It's late on so I did not go into detail about Bewitched, etc. But you can check it out at
Peace and love!

alex said...

It's 00.13 a.m in France, we're the 17th! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to you and Diane of course!

Brophtron said...

Wow - a laptop burning your lap and now things being thrown at you - it's a busy time, indeed! I'll be looking out for this project, though.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to you and Diane!

GaryB said...

Hi Erin,
Have a truly wonderful Birthday.
May you continue to shine, and enjoy the joy that is in the journey.
And of course happy birthday to Diane.