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Friday, February 23, 2007


Don't you hate it when a company discontinues a product you love? It happens all the time, when they try to "reformulate" something to somehow try to make it better. Companies usually fail miserably when they try to improve a classic (new Coke anyone?). Well California Pizza Kitchen has eliminated my favorite: Peking Duck Pizza (hold the crispy wontons please). I understand it may not have been for everyone, but CPK is known for the original. My kids love the BLT pizza (bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo) which surprisingly is still on the menu. I guess I'll have to start ordering the garlic chicken (good, but not delicious).


alex said...

I know what you're talking about and I compassionate! you know I'm 18 and sometimes when I hang out with friends they say "let's go to McDo" (it's cheap so for young it's perfect) actually I like only 2 things, patatoes and something that in France we call "croque-monsieur" (I didn't find the english equivalent). But as well as your favorite pizza they discontinued it... so I totally you!!! Honestly, why they do taht??

Erin Murphy said...

Please describe "croque-monsier"!
Is McDo: McDonalds? I'm a fan of the hamburger happy meal (with just ketchup on the burger) & barbecue sauce to dip my fries.

alex said...

You're right McDo is McDonalds, I'm a little bit suprised that you don't use that abbreviation, I've learn smthg!
and "croque-monsieur", how can I describe that... actually there diffrent varieties so it's 2 slices of bread with a little bit of butter and you put what you want inside so it can be ham with gruyere, chocolate, bananas, chacolate and bananas... and you grill it. it's quite good, easy to do and with simple stuffs. The one I used to buy inMcDonalds was the one with the chocolate since I'm practically vegetarian (I don't rely on the meat I don't know where it comes from, I know I'm weird! lol). If you know the equivalent word in english can you tell me please... it'll be another word in my vocabulary. Thanks

Kat said...

It's really annoying when places stop making the food you like. I'm a real fussy eater and by the time I find something I actually like at the local McDonalds they stop doing it.