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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Famous Neighbors

I was at an event recently & someone approached me to tell me that they'd read online that Micky Dolenz, from The Monkees, (who was also attending the event) was my neighbor. I chatted with Micky & his wife & it turns out that we live a block away from each other & I walk the dogs past their house everyday. I live in LA, where it's pretty common to see celebs at your local Starbucks. Depending on a person's age, I either tell them that Alyssa Milano ( or Jamie Farr ( is my neighbor. The Kardashian girls & Lisa Rinna both have clothing stores at the local shopping center & Nikki Sixx's daughter is in my sons' class at school. When I see him daily, it's hard not to mention that I saw him in concert in 1983! Despite all this it not only surprises me that there's a list online of my famous neighbors, but also that I'M on the list!,_California

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Personal Appearance

I love to attend personal appearances. They're fun for me for many reasons. I get to catch up with old friends, I get to meet celebrities I've always admired & I get to chat with people who know more about my life & career than I do! Several things about these events are consistent. At least 100 people will ask me which Darren was my favorite (I'm going to start saying my husband). A couple famous actors will hit on me shamelessly (which while very flattering, would be much more enjoyable if we were both single). I also get to hear some great stories that I've never heard before. This past weekend I sat next to my friend Lou Ferrigno. He's an amazing guy who's been married for 29 years (& didn't even flirt a little). He told me that in May of 1995 he was in the hospital with pneumonia, that he contracted by drinking milk in another country. Same thing happened to me by the way (one time in my teens & another time with ice cream in my twenties. So be careful in countries that don't pasteurize). Well it turns out that Lou was in the room right next to Elizabeth Montgomery, when she passed away. Lou Ferrigno was the very last person to get Liz' autograph.